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Mar-a-Lago manager Carlos de Oliveira, a determined and hard-working Portuguese immigrant, was caught in a trap

Mar-a-Lago manager Carlos de Oliveira, a determined and hard-working Portuguese immigrant, was caught in a trap

Управляющий Мар-а-Лаго Карлос де Оливейра, целеустремленный и трудолюбивый португальский иммигрант, попался в ловушку

Carlos De Oliveira, a tech executive and property manager at Mar-a-Lago, has been added to the federal indictment in the Donald Trump classified documents case. A Portuguese man who immigrated to Massachusetts and then moved to Florida, he worked at Mar-a-Lago for more than 20 years and was described as humble and hardworking. His family believe he didn't realize what he was getting into and say he was "trapped" in the situation.

Carlos De Oliveira, 56, is accused of conspiracy against justice, withholding documents and lying to investigators, with the most serious charges carrying up to 20 years in prison. His name now appears on a list of defendants alongside Trump himself and his personal servant Walt Nauta, with allegations that Trump wanted to delete surveillance videos and wipe computer servers.

One source said Oliveira, whose only connection to his boss was a love of golf, owned a construction company with his ex-wife and went through a bankruptcy that was later settled. The homeowner, Tiberio Almeida, said Oliveira moved from Portugal to Massachusetts more than 30 years ago before moving to Florida. Almeida said he considered Oliveira for more than 20 years a "very good friend" and a good neighbor.

It is known that Carlos De Oliveira was known as a man who "never broke the law" and his accusation came as a shock to many.

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Oliveira's relatives are horrified at the news of his indictment. One family member said some relatives "couldn't even sleep last night because of the whole situation" and believe he didn't know what he was getting into and was merely following orders from his boss, who was paying his bills. "The family believes he was trapped. "

The collection of secret documents kept at Mar-a-Lago were also found in boxes stored in the bathroom and ballroom. Oliveira is accused of transporting those boxes of classified documents from the White House to a mansion in south Florida, while claiming to FBI agents that he saw nothing.

Oliveira started out as a lackey at Mar-a-Lago and was later promoted to property manager. He impressed his boss by redoing the exquisite metal work on the doors of the property. In January 2022, he was promoted to property manager.