Sell flat in Bulgaria region in Sofia city in Sofia

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Sale of apartment, Obelya 1-Obelya 1, in Sofia, Bulgaria

Two-bedroom apartment consisting of a living room with dining area and kitchenette, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a balcony. There is a basement adjacent to the apartment. The building will be constructed monolithically with reinforced concrete bearing structure and brick walls. The external surrounding walls will be made of 25 cm thick ceramic bricks. Partitions on all floors will be made of 12 cm or 25 cm ceramic bricks as shown on the drawings. The facade will be filled with silicone and decorative plaster on which the required thermal insulation will be laid. Railings on balconies, loggias and terraces will have a height of min. 1.05 m from the finished floor (1.20 m for the attic floor). For the most part they will be glass. The roof will be flat, reinforced concrete, with the necessary waterproofing and thermal insulation. Details and installation plans for all construction works shall be developed in direct cooperation with specific contractors and in accordance with the instructions of the respective material manufacturers. Provided room-by-room specifications: Living rooms: floor - laminate; walls - latex; ceiling - latex. Bedrooms: floor - laminate; walls - latex; ceiling - latex. Rabies-WC: floor terracotta; walls faience; ceiling min. plaster. Kuhn. box: floor terracotta; walls latex; ceiling latex. Corridors: terracotta floor; latex walls; latex ceiling. Terraces: under granite; latex walls; latex ceiling. Area. Obelya 1 Section B projected: 40 apartments (20

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124 467,00 $